Monday, April 15, 2013

The First Warm Day of the Year!

In theory this is a blog about my AT thru-hike, however there is very little hiking or AT related stuff going on right now. So I'll talk about other things going on in my life.

This morning I had my "Plan B Exit Exam" which is required so I can graduate with my masters in a month. As scary as it sounds, it was actually only a 20-minute presentation on something I had done in the past year or so, with some questions afterwards by the faculty members. I talked about the work I did with a professor last year on a medium access control protocol called TRACE. I think the presentation went well, and they congratulated me after having me step out of the room, so I'm all set for May, assuming I don't fail my classes.
Those classes, however, should keep me busy for the rest of the semester. This semester I'm taking three classes, Digital Communications, Digital Audio Signal Processing, and Computation Models of Music Processing, and I have three final projects to start and finish before then. For computational models, we have to pick a movement from a Mahler symphony and analyze it with various programs and pieces of software we've used over the semester. This will probably be interesting, looking for correlations between my emotional response and the characteristics of the music.

65 days until Katahdin....

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