Thursday, April 6, 2017

Timberline Lodge, Oregon

Timberline Lodge, made famous by "The Shining", is a hotel and ski area high on Mt Hood, in Oregon. It is a nice drive up from Portland, through evergreen forests. We visited on a beautiful clear day at the beginning of August. Even this late in the summer there were still a few skiers on the slope. 
Looking out over the Cascades.
We went on a short hike along the PCT, a few miles to a beautiful gorge. There were a number of thru hikers passing through, so we were able to talk to them about their hike. One guy was on his third hike of the PCT. I was a bit jealous of the thru hikers, but someday I'll join them on the PCT.
Very beautiful area.

Mt Hood summit.
A fearless squirrel.
Inside the lodge it was very ornate, and there was a wedding going on. The hotel/lodge was built during the Depression with a lot of help from the CCC. Many of the railings were carved with figures, and many of the iron fixtures were made by hand when the hotel was built. Inside had a very cozy feel, totally different than in The Shining.

Some of the original hand-wrought iron fixtures.

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