Monday, April 17, 2017

W6/NC-268 Rocky Ridge

Rocky Ridge is a peak on the border of some EBMUD land and Las Trampas Regional Wilderness, that offers great views of the East Bay, especially Mt Diablo. This is also a great summits on the air peak for VHF to the Bay Area. The trailhead is in the regional wilderness, at the end of Bollinger Canyon Road. If the lot is full, there is plenty of space to park along the road. There are some picnic tables and a pit toilet.
Trailhead area.
The most direct way to the summit is to go up the paved access road. This is steep in places, but the asphalt leads to great footing. This is one of those hikes where the destination is in view the entire time, much like Mission Peak.
The summit, from the trailhead.
Because of all the rains this winter, a short section of the road had washed out. This would prevent a vehicle from passing, but bikes and hikers can cross it no problem. There is a gate part way up that marks the end of the EB Parks land and the beginning of the EBMUD land. You need a permit to pass through, but it looks like there are other areas in the activation zone that are still in Las Trampas if you are too cheap to buy a permit.
At the top, continue past the towers and fenced in area. There is a flat, grassy area between a trail and a barbed wire fence that makes a good operating position. I find that these fences are super convenient for putting up my antenna. Once set up I made 11 contacts, mostly on 30 meters.
Antenna with Mt Diablo.
The trip back to the car was much faster than the way up, and short enough that my legs and knees didn't get too tired. Once back I headed over to the Chabot 2 BM in San Leandro.

Trailhead: End of Bollinger Canyon Road. Small lot, or park along the road.
Website: SOTA Site, EB Parks Site
Maps: Available at the Trailhead, or from the parks site above. KB1KXL SOTA Hikes map
Route: Follow the paved road to the top. Walk past the enclosed towers, and there is a flat area with a barbed wire fence for easy setup. Long route possible from Rancho Laguna Park in Moraga.
Red Tape: Permit needed to use EBMUD land.

Bollinger Canyon, Mt Diablo.

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