Sunday, May 14, 2017

W6/CT-089 Mt Lawlor

I climbed Mt Lawlor from Strawberry Peak, which is northwest along the same ridge. The best way to get up the peak is from the Strawberry/Lawlor Saddle, from Red Box Gap. From the saddle, I climbed up the ridge. There were a few steep sections, but they were short. It took me about an hour to hike over from Strawberry Peak.
At the top, getting ready to set up.
There is a flat, open area at the top. There are some low trees that could be used for antenna supports, so a pole might not be necessary for your dipole. I reapplied sunscreen, then had a snack before setting up. I had a few moments of 3G (verizon), long enough to send out a spot. I'm not sure where the chasers were, because I only made the required four contacts. After calling for a few minutes more I decided to save my batteries and head down.
This is where I made the mistake of going straight down the ridge, instead of retracing my steps. The first problem was getting attacked by some yuccas, through my pants.
Danger! Danger!
The second was that the way down was extremely steep. Very steep. I would not go up or down this route. There were some old phone poles, and some wire, so there must have been a lookout or something on top at one point. I eventually made it back to the trail, and followed it back to Red Box Gap where I refilled on water and headed up to Vetter Mountain.

Trailhead: Red Box Gap, Angeles Crest Highway.
Website: SOTA Site.
Maps: KB1KXL SOTA Hikes map. Includes loop over Strawberry Peak.
Route: Cross the highway, and follow the dirt path. It switchbacks up to a small saddle, then continues up across the side of the mountain to the Strawberry/Lawlor Saddle. Follow the ridge up from the saddle to the summit.
Red Tape: Adventure pass needed for parking.

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