Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 116, 10-12

--> Dennis Cove Road, 28.9 miles

Seiko gave us a ride back to TN 91, and we started walking at 8. Hiking with a day pack is much easier than with a full load. We got to Vandeventer Shelter at 11:30, our original destination for yesterday. We enjoyed the view and the Bob Peoples graffiti, the headed downhill. At the bottom is a dam where we had the second half of lunch. The afternoon was a 1700' climb then descent over a viewless mountain. Laurel Falls and gorge were very pretty, but there were a lot of people around. As we were coming down the mountain Pivot Dude's shoe broke. He stopped for a while while he had cell service to try and sort it out. As I was climbing out of the gorge it started to sprinkle. I flew past the day hikers and got to the read and hostel before the rain really started. Trashcan was here, cleaning out the fridge and hiker box of all their food. I cooked the spaghetti we got yesterday, and Pivot Dude got back just before it was ready. We demolished the 2 lbs of pasta and a jar of sauce. Trashcan headed back out into the rain while we took warm showers and did laundry. It looks like it will be another quiet evening. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow morning.

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