Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 132, 10-28

--> Fontana Dam Shelter, 23.0 miles

I'm at the Fontana Hilton. It's not as nice as I thought it would be, but there are flush toilets. About 9 AM I passed the 2000 mile mark. That's a lot of miles to walk. It wasn't so cold this morning, which was nice. The mice were very active last night. The first climb was steep and felt tough but the views at the top were good. I stopped at the first shelter to use the last privy in the park. It was then mostly down, a few thousand feet. About two miles from the park boundary we saw four bears, a mother and three cubs. We could have watched them for hours. The smallest ones were hiding partway up trees and such. We roadwalked across the dam, which is the highest dam in the East. The snack bar at the visitors center was closed, and the coke machine out of order. So sad. We got to the shelter, then got a ride into town. We did a small resupply then got dinner. After we finished eating we just sat on the couch with our beers and watched TV until closing time. Back at the shelter it feels really warm, but its probably only in the 50's. Tomorrow is 21 miles uphill. What fun.

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