Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 129, 10-25

--> Mt. Cammerer,  7.9 miles

It was nice and warm in the bunkroom. This morning was cold and gray, so we sat around until 1. We then left. There was a cooler with a beer on the other side of the highway. The climb was long but not bad. There was snow in the shade. When we got to the lookout on top of Mt Cammerer we decided not to go the extra three miles to the shelter. Bernie and Biner are here as well. Pivot Dude, Bernie, and I learned "Lean On Me" in three part harmony with a ukulele. The sunset was gorgeous, and we'll get up to see the sunrise tomorrow morning. Its cold out, but the lookout is fully enclosed and it is a bit warmer in here. Tomorrow Pivot Dude and I are doing 23, and the other two may try. I hope they do, its a fun group. The shelter tomorrow should have a view, and I'll walk past the 90% mark.

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