Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 136, 11-1

--> Long Branch Shelter, 17.4 miles

We had a slow morning in the motel. We called the chamber of commerce and they found a driver who would take us back up to the summit. By the time we left it was a beautiful sunny day. I went back up to the tower to get a better view than yesterday, then started down the mountain. It was mostly downhill. It was also a warm, sunny day, perfect hiking weather. This shelter is new, it was built last year. A bunch of section hikers got to the shelter after dark, and took their time cooking and setting up and eating. It is amazing how much more efficiently I can do camp chores since I've been doing them for so long. A few of them were mechanical engineers, and reminded me that "you can't spell 'geek' without the double 'e'." Tomorrow looks like it will be a good day. We'll pass the NOBO 100 mile mark and the 2100 mile mark. We'll also go over our last 5000' peak. It will be our last full day in North Carolina.

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