Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 120, 10-16

@ Greasy Creek Friendly, 0 miles

I hadn't planned to, but I took a zero. I went back to the house from the bunkroom at 8 and got some eggs and grits for breakfast. Connie said she was going into town, so I decided it would be easier to hang out for a day than to try and hitch into Erwin. We watched Django Unchained, then went into town. On the way to Wal-mart we went to a buffet. After resupplying we came back and watched movies until wayyyy past my bedtime. I'm hoping its nice tomorrow or I may get sucked further into the Greasy Creek black hole. The forecast is for rain. I now understand the signs that say "Hiking is getting in the way of my trail experience." Could be worse places for a double zero.

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