Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 142, 11-7

--> Springer Mountain, 21.0 miles

Sleeping on the picnic table bench may not have been the best idea. It was pretty narrow. I did, however, choose the side of the table that stayed dry under the tarp in the rain. After people had gotten up we made pancakes, or rather we tried and Pancake and Rooster made them. It had stopped raining but was pretty foggy when I left. Rainbow Braid was kind enough to slackpack us to Big Stamp Gap, so it was a fast hike. I stopped at the Hawk Mountain Shelter for lunch and a short break. There was a guy there drying out his gear. It was an easy seven miles to the road from there. I met Pivot Dude and Rainbow Braid there, and we reloaded our packs and all headed up the last mile together. The sun was out and it had turned into a beautiful day. At the top we signed the register and took lots of pictures. We each had a bottle of champagne to celebrate. It was then a quick return down to the car at the road, where Rainbow Braid gave us a ride to her apartment for the night. It is weird to be done. So much time spent walking and living in the woods. It seems like yesterday I was in Maine, slogging through the 100-mile wilderness.

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