Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 109, 10-5

--> Partnership Shelter, 7.1 miles

Today was a short and easy hike. There was a climb in the morning, then a few smaller peaks. I got to the road, and the visitors center was closed because of the government shutdown. I eventually got a hitch into town, and went to the library. The computers there forced you to use an old version of Internet Explorer, and wouldn't let me log onto Blogger. I wouldn't recommend the library to anyone. I went to a Japanese place for lunch, which was very mediocre. I walked to the grocery store and resupplied. I sat outside and charged stuff while eating some ice cream then calling home. As I was walking back to the road to hitch back a truck pulled over and offered me a ride. I then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing here. I got pizza for dinner. Pivot Dude caught up, and it was fun to catch up with him. Another SOBO, Trashcan, also got here. He has been doing some big days, he started July 31.

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