Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 113, 10-9

--> The Place, Damascus, VA,  15.6 miles

It was another chilly morning. Pivot Dude and I got out and moving to warm up. We got to Damascus in 4.5 hours, and only one break. It was drawing us in like a magnet. We stopped at Subway for lunch, then talked to Crazy Larry for a minute. We then got to The Place, a hostel run by the Methodist Church. We resupplied at the Dollar General, then took showers and went to happy hour at the Blue Blaze Cafe. Killer and Smiles got there a bit later. Worldwide and Yogi (of the PCT guidebook) were there and I talked about hiking with them. Pivot Dude and I ordered burgers for dinner, but they made a mistake putting in the order and we each got 2 burgers. We left at 8 to go get some laundry done, then played a few rounds of Rummikube. I won two out of three. Its now quite late, and time for bed.

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