Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 94, 9-20

--> Bryant Ridge Shelter, 24.8 miles

I had breakfast and packed up, then hitched back to the trail. Te guy who gave me a ride was a talker. The hike today was like an inverted "V". The James River is at 860', Apple Orchard Mountain at 4200', and the shelter at 1300'. The climb up was uneventful, but the top was all in the clouds. No views today. The last descent was long because it wasn't steep. I'm not convinced that having switchbacks makes the trail any easier on the knees; mine were still tired when I got here. A section hiker is here and he was interesting to talk to. He was amazed I did 25 miles today, but it doesn't feel like it was that hard. I guess my perspective is a bit warped now that I have trail legs. Tomorrow the trail to the road doesn't look too bad, and hopefully the rain will hold off until the afternoon.

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