Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 111, 10-7

--> Wise Shelter, 10.9 miles

It was quite windy last night as I was going to bed, then it started to rain around 1:30. As I was eating breakfast the rain started to taper off, so I waited for it to stop before leaving. It was a quick hike to the next shelter, then up. When I got to the Scales, it as still cloudy. The Scales was the place where the ranchers and farmers would gather and weigh their cattle before bringing them down the hill to the market. It was like walking out west, with the grasses and not very many trees. There were some cattle sitting near the trail, including a few bulls. Right when I got to the shelter the sun came out. I had a pleasant but cool afternoon here. Two section hikers, Pivot Dude, and another section hiker also showed up. I haven't been with this many people in a shelter for a long time. Everyone is nice enough. Tomorrow is supposed to be good weather, and that's where the ponies are. There should be some views, and I'll probably go up to Mt. Rogers, the high point of Virginia. Damascus the day after.

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