Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 114, 10-10

--> Abingdon Gap Shelter, 10.4 miles

It was a bit chilly this morning when I woke up. Smiles got up early and got out. Pivot Dude and I went to Dairy King for breakfast. It was a good little diner. We then sat around waiting for the library to open at 11. We went there to go online, then wet to Hey Joe for some burritos. Thus fed we headed uphill. A few miles in we crossed into Tennessee. Goodbye Virginia, I'll miss you. It was a nice trail to the shelter. Biner is here and we spent the evening talking about all sorts of things. There are two mice here, and we've killed one and we're sitting up waiting for the other one to come back so we can get it. We are determined to have a mouse-free night.

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