Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 95, 9-21

--> Bearwallow Gap, 10.4 miles

The mice were rather active last night, but they didn't chew through anything of mine. It was overcast as I left and there weren't many views. Up around 2500' I entered the cloud and stayed in it. It is sometimes neat to walk on a ridge like that, but I prefer the views. I got to the road a few minutes before 11 and waited for my aunt and uncle to arrive. Around 11:20 they drove by. It turns out that they were waiting in a parking lot close by that wasn't in my guide. If it hadn't been so foggy we would have been able to see each other. We drove down to Buchannon and got a room at the Wattstull Inn and I took a shower. We drove into Roanoke to a Thai place for lunch, then went to the Taubman Art Museum. They had Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace exhibit, and an excellent one on Civil Rights photography. We went to Indian for dinner then returned to the hotel.

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