Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 115, 10-11

--> TN 91, 11.3 miles

We killed the other mouse, but there was a third one we didn't get. All of our food stayed uneaten, however. Pivot Dude and I packed up and said bye to Biner, then headed out. We made good time to the Double Springs Shelter, where we had lunch. We walked through a field that included ~1 mile of handicap-accessible trail. We got to TN 91, and on the other side of the read was a sign saying the area was closed to camping because of bears. We talked, and decided that this would be a good rule not to break. We called Kincora to try and get picked up, but they couldn't. Using his charm, Pivot Dude yogied a ride from the first car that went by. She was willing to take us all the way to the hostel, ~40 minutes. When we got to Kincora we found that the legendary Bob Peoples was not in town. Seiko, the caretaker, gave us a ride into town to buy some food. The ride down was scary, the Seiko roller coaster. Lots of tight switchbacks taken at high speed in a Jeep. Back up the mountain I made myself some tacos for dinner, then lounged around reading all evening.

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  1. It was really cool to run into you in just south of Clingmans yesterday. Your ambivalent feelings about ending in 10 days were obvious, and surprising, given the cold weather in the Smokys. Thanks for the gear advice, especially; as I am planning to follow in you footsteps next June, it was welcome. All the best in GA, and as Karyssa and I said: "we're not worthy!"