Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 98, 9-24

--> VA 311, 10.4 miles

 I woke up and killed as much time as I could bear to. I didn't leave until around 8. I quickly got up to Tinker Cliffs and hung out there for a while. When I got cold I moved on. I stopped at a viewpoint on the ridge and was able to look back at what I walked yesterday. At the Campbell shelter I found a new log book, and had the privilege of writing the first entry. A highlight of the day. I got to McAfee Knob and waited for my parents in a swarm of gnats. We eventually found each other, and took a lot of pictures. It was a quick walk down to the car, then into Roanoke for the Hotel and dinner. We resupplied afterwards then set up a shuttle for tomorrow. We're going to hike up to the Devil's Seat and the Dragons Tooth. With names like those they must be good.

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