Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 112, 10-8

--> Lost Mountain Shelter, 17.3 miles

It was COLD this morning when I woke up. I stayed in the bag as long as possible, but eventually I had to get out. I warmed up once I started moving. Pivot Dude caught up to me after about 30 minutes and we hiked the rest of the day together. The Grayson Highlands were beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. Probably the prettiest part of the trail so far. I didn't see any ponies, but it was still great. As we were walking we could see Mt. Rogers, and decided not to go up because there would've been no view. We ate lunch on Whitetop Mountain, which had another large open area. From Buzzard Rock we could see into NC/TN and VA. The scenery was different enough it was easy to tell which was which. After taking a bunch of pictures we reluctantly headed back into the trees. From there it was as easy downhill to the shelter. We tried to get a fire going, but wet rhododendron does not burn well. Tomorrow we're heading to Damascus for showers, laundry, and some tasty food. Tonight looks like it will be chilly, but we're 1000 feet lower so it might not be as bad.
P.S.: Smiles and Killer showed up around dark, and most of The Lorax is written on the walls of the privy.

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