Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 37, 7-25

--> Happy Hill Shelter, 7.3 miles

I feel good after putting a lot of food in me. I woke up and sat around in my bag because it was pretty cool out this morning. At 7:30 I packed up and hit the trail. I made it to the Coop at 8:15. As I was repacking my food outside, a hiker gave me the leftovers from his breakfast. There were three chocolate chocolate chip pancakes cut in half. They were delicious, and I didn't have to buy myself a second breakfast. I went over to the DOC (Dartmouth Outing Club) building to use the computer and have a place to put my pack. All the entries are now typed and scheduled to be posted. I got more Aquamira and denatured alcohol, and then got my free slice of pizza at Ramuntos. I then went to Lou's to get a burger and fries for lunch. I ate it at the DOC while my electronics charged. I went out and got ice cream for dessert.

After waiting for everything to digest a bit I headed out. There is a long roadwalk from Hanover, over the Connecticut River, through Norwich, VT, and up Elm Street and back into the woods. The general store in Norwich gives out free day-old sandwiches to hikers. There was some trail magic, watermelon, near the top of the hill. Once I got in the woods it was an easy 3.5 to the shelter.

There were three section hikers here when I arrived, bu they decided to push on into Hanover. So far it's just me here. The privy is really nice and big and new. Not as creative as some of the DOC's, but still very nice. Tomorrow I plan on doing 20.4 to the shelter. At the road at mile 17 there is a farm stand with pies which the NOBOs say is really good, so I want to get there before 5:30 when they close. That should motivate me to get moving in the morning.

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