Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 48, 8-5

--> October Mountain Shelter, 25.7 miles

Today was really nice. It was cold this morning as I ate and packed up. The trail down Greylock is very nicely graded and parts seemed almost flat. There is a short roadwalk through Cheshire, which looked like a nice town. There is a monument there for a >1000 pound cheese the town gave to president Jefferson. I guess that's something to be proud of. About one mile south of town is an outlook, where I took a break and admired the view. The trail is on a fairly flat ridge until it drops into Dalton.

Partway along the ridge I realized I'd get to Dalton around noon. This was very exciting. Real food for lunch. In fact, I got to the north end of High Street just before 12. The trail is on that road for a mile to down town Dalton, where I stopped at Angelinas and got 2 veggie burgers and a large fries. The liquor store was next door, so I stopped by. The lady at the counter didn't card me. I must look older with this beard on. On my way out I stopped by Tom Levardi's to fill up my water.

At was a pleasant climb to Kay Wood Shelter. At the side trail I called Mr Lowrance to see what time he thought he'd get there. Since he was planning on being there earlier and today was so nice, I decided to go another 8.8 to here. It wasn't bad, the trail was mostly flat. I sang songs the last 2.5 miles. There was no one here when I arrived just before 6, and only one NOBO is here now. Its going to be a quiet night. Tomorrow I only have to do 7.2 to the road, so there's no rush. It will be night to see Mr Lowrance, and to get rid of all the extra stuff I have. Onward to Georgia!


  1. I want to know what songs you sang...were they Tom Davies bar ballads?