Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 59, 8-16

--> William Brien Memorial Shelter, 16.5 miles

I packed up very quickly and got to the convenience store/deli. I had french toast and did a small resupply. From there it was quick to get to the Hudson River. I went across the Bear Mountain Bridge, then walked to Fort Montgomery. At the post office they didn't have my box. I called home to get the tracking number, and the guy printed out the tracking history. My shoes are getting a tour of New England. It turns out Mom wrote the wrong zip code on the box. I tried to get it sorted out, then headed back to the trail.

The AT goes through a zoo, and the bear cage is the low point of the trail, 124 feet above sea level. The animals didn't look very happy being cooped up in the cages. The climb up Bear Mountain was easy and I blew by the tourists going up. The top has a view of the NYC skyline. I got a shin splint in my right leg, so the rest of the day was hot and painful. There were some nice views, however. There is now water at this shelter so I had to carry some two miles in from the Palisades Parkway visitor center. It was heavy.

This shelter looks nice from the outside, but is very trashy. It's too bad because everything else about the location is great. Tomorrow I need to do 19.6 so I'm close to a resupply, then I think I'll slow down for a day or two to let my leg rest some.

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