Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 49, 8-6

--> Upper Goose Pond Cabin, 8.8 miles

Mr. Lowrance wasn't getting there until noon, so I took my time. I sat around in my bag for two hours, but it was still cold when I got out. The hike to the road was pretty quick. I got to the road at 11. At 12, he arrived and we drove into Lee. We went to a Peruvian restaurant. I got a rice dish that tasted a lot like fried rice. It was good. After a quick stop at the grocery store so I could resupply I was back on the trail.

Crossing interstate 90 was very exciting. I've driven under the trail enough times on my way to or from Rochester; it was nice to finally be on the bridge. Over a hill and I was at the cabin. I checked in and got a bunk. I spent the afternoon hanging out by the lake and with the NOBOs here. It was fun. When the real caretaker gets here I'll make sure its OK to zero tomorrow. He'll also be able to unlock the canoes so I can go out in those tomorrow. 

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