Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 57, 8-14

--> RPH Shelter, 16.8 miles

I left this morning and quickly got to Nuclear Lake. Apparently there was a reactor there that had a meltdown, and now it is a lake. I got to NY 55 and walked to the market. I got there and it wasn't there, so I had to resupply at a gas station. When I got to NY 52 I went to the pizza place by the trail. After letting my calzone digest a bit I went to the shelter. There were a bunch of NOBOs, and some SOBOs got here eventually. One of the NOOBs knows someone from around here who brought some pizza and beer. It was really good. The NOBOs went off on their own and we SOBOs hung out and talked and drank. It was fun.


  1. Jeff- We are passing near the High Point Shelter near Port Jervis, NJ in about a week, on 8/30/13. Do you need supplies? All the best good hiking, Dave Lowrance

  2. I should be in southern PA on the 30th, but thank you for the offer.