Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 61, 8-18

--> Wawayanda Shelter, 12.1 miles

The other guy at the shelter last night, Bald Eagle, was pretty interesting. He was a pastor in the Moravian Church and now works for the denomination. As I was falling asleep, Stinky Jesus and Nightwalker arrived.

I left around 7 and quickly got to the Village Vista Trail. I got into town around 9 and did my resupply at the Country Grocery. The guy there gave me a free drink. I went to The Grill for brunch and got a tasty breakfast wrap. I then went to the library to charge my electronics and use the computers. It was a pretty steep climb back to the AT with a full load of food and water.

The trail went aloung a ridge to the AT high point of NY. There was a flag there. The NY-NJ border was half a mile past. State number seven. This shelter, with a fun name to say, is in Wawayanda State Park. I filled up my water at the visitors center half a mile before the shelter. There are a lot of bears in New Jersey, so I expect I'll see some over the next few days. The shelters have bear boxes, so my food should be safe.

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