Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 54, 8-11

--> Pine Swamp Brook Shelter, 15.7 miles

I woke up, and shortly after I went upstairs breakfast was served. It was as good as dinner. I packed up and BIG Lu gave me a ride back to the trail. It was an easy eight to Falls Village where I went to the Toymakers Cafe for a second breakfast/ early lunch. The French Toast was tasty. The trail then walks along the Housatonic River for a few miles before going into the hills again. At the top of one hill I called home to get my new boots sent. My current ones only have to last 80 more miles.

The shelter here has quite a few mosquitoes. Hopefully it will be a cool night and they'll go away. Searcher showed up a bit later. I had passed her this morning near Falls Village. She says she was raised Amish in Ohio, but left them and now does other stuff.

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