Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 63, 8-20

--> Brink Road Shelter, 19.6 miles

I was the only one at the shelter again last night. Nice and quiet. I left early and missed the unmarked trail to the highest point of NJ. If I ever decide to collect high points I'll have to go back. There was a wooden tower where I got a view however. At the Mashipacong Shelter I took a break. I figured I'd eat half of my goldfish and save the other half for tomorrow. This plan was going well until section hiker Ranger Bob showed up. He liked to talk, so I listened until the Goldfish were gone. At the pavillion on time of Sunrise Mountain I called home to find out where my boots were. I'll get a pair this weekend when I visit my cousins. These ones only have to last 60 more miles.

I met some dayhikers on top of Culver Mountain. One of them asked me if I had seen any bears, and I replied "Not since Connecticut." This set off a lot of questions which I answered patiently. They gave me some food. I bought a soda at Culvers Gap then went to the shelter. It looks like a nicer shelter is being built on the other side of the road. Next year's thru hikers will be lucky. I think I'll be alone tonight unless Ranger Bob shows up. Tomorrow is a big day into Delaware Water Gap, PA. When I get there I'll have finished half of the states and 41% of the miles.

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