Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 38, 7-26

--> Winturri Shelter, 20.4 miles

Vermont is a lot nicer than I thought it would be. It is nice not having all of the rocks and roots. And the views are pretty good. The 20 miles today were not hard, and I felt like I wasn't pushing. Four miles in I got a second breakfast in West Hartford at the deli/general store. It was great. The promise of pie drove me the next 12. I met a section hiker who is a potter in real life. He said both of his wheels had broken, and he took it as a sign that he should go hiking. At the first shelter I had elevensies, and felt like a hobbit. I stopped at the top of one hill with a field and a view for the second half of lunch.

When I got to the farm stand they were out of pie. So sad. I got a muffin and an apple-filled pastry. They were good, but not as good as a blueberry pie would have been. Chef was there, and we talked for a while. From the road it was up to the shelter. There are 4 section hikers here, 3 NOBO and 1 SOBO. Its fun. Tomorrow I will either go into Rutland and stay in the hostel, or stay at the shelter 19 miles frome here.

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