Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 50, 8-7

@ Upper Goose Pond Cabin, 0 miles

I got up when my bladder was full. I went downstairs and a few minutes later discovered that the pancakes were ready. If only all shelters had pancakes in the morning. I ate my fill and watched the NOBOs pack up and head out. The caretaker, Pete, found the keys to the canoes, so I went out. I was the only one here for most of the day. The pond is really nice. After canoeing I sat on the porch and read and ate. A very relaxing day.

This afternoon the NOBOs started arriving. Danger Dave got here first. Baloo said that she had started in Damascus, VA, so I might see her again down south. I like this group mare than those last night. One section hiker has a guitar so we had music all evening. It rained a bit, but the cabin is very comfortable. Tomorrow I have to pack up and go. I haven't looked at the guide, but I think I'll do around 20. It will be nice to be moving again. I feel rested after today.

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