Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 42, 7-30

--> Peru Peak Shelter, 19.6 miles

Today was another great Vermont day. I left the shelter at 7 and went up Bear Mountain. From there I dropped to the road then climbed the next hill. There were two spots where people had built hundreds of small cairns. From there it was a quick drop to Little Rock Pond. I had lunch there and then pushed on. I entered a Wilderness Area, the second of the trip. I passed three shelters in 1.7 miles on the climb up Baker peak. At the top was the best (and only) view today. I called the hostel and reserved myself a bunk for tomorrow. I hear its a really nice hostel. I hung out at the viewpoint for a while then came down to here. There were a lot of bog bridges around Griffith Lake, a nice way to end a 20 mile day.

Tomorrow is a quick 10 miles into Manchester Center for a resupply and some lunch. It looks like it will take 3-4 days after that to get to Massachusetts. I'm really starting to move now. There are only two other hikers at the shelter this evening, a NOBO LT hiker and a guy doing a SOBO section of the AT. Numbers stopped by to refill his water, and pushed on. He is the first SOBO to catch me so far. I'll probably be seeing a lot more of him down south.

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