Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 55, 8-12

--> Mt Algo Shelter, 17.3 miles

I woke up earlier than usual because the mosquitoes woke up and began to attack. They weren't bad on the trail- I must hike faster than they can fly. There were a bunch of ups and downs this morning, then a few very flat miles along the Housatonic River. The trail goes up St. Johns Ledges, which have a good view, the down to Kent. I got to the road and walked into town, getting there around 2.

I resupplied at the grocery store, then went to the library to use the computer. After my time was up I got some more denatured alcohol, then went to the pizza place to have an early dinner. As I was walking out of town, a van pulled over and the guy offered me a ride. I opened the back door and was about to put my ack in when his foot slipped off the brake and knocked me down onto the sidewalk. I got a few cuts and scrapes. As I was picking myself up a truck pulled over and a guy got out. He started yelling at the van driver. Its nice to know there are random people looking out for my well being. I decided to just walk back to the trailhead. It was then .3 to the shelter.

No one else is here. The NOBOs are probably in Kent instead, and I don't think there are any SOBOs close behind me. The shelter has an open area in front with a stream. There aren't too many bugs which is even better. I'm sitting here munching on starbursts that I carried from town. On to New York tomorrow!

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