Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 64, 8-21

--> Delaware Water Gap, 24.8 miles

Ranger Bob snored and the group of campers didn't go to bed until late, so I got less sleep than I would have liked. The trail today was on very flat ridges. They could have been railroad beds. At the first view this morning I stopped and looked out over the clouds. It was like the ocean. Fourteen miles in was the AMC's Mohican Outdoor Center. I stopped by hoping to get an ice cream, but they had none and a terrible selection of soda. I ate lunch, filled my water, and threw my trash away there. It was then back to the ridges.

There was a family I passed who said they were lost. I really had no idea where I was, but I tried to hlp them. There were a lot of camp groups on the trail. On the way down I flew by many day hikers. People seem to walk so slowly. New Jersey said goodbye with a long roadwalk, first parallel to I-80, then on a sidewalk right next to it. Right on the other side of the bridge is DWG, PA. I'n in The Church of the Mountain Hostel. It's in the basement of a Presbyterian church, and is pretty nice. There is a section hiker here who likes to complain. I think I'll go to bed soon so I don't have to talk to him anymore.

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