Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 47, 8-4

--> Mark Noepel Shelter, 16.5 miles

It was a cold night, but I stayed warm enough in my bag. I did pack up and eat breakfast quickly, however. Once I hit the trail I warmed up. The trail was mostly flat to the border and I made good time. After some pictures and sighting the register I was on my way in Massachusetts. There was a descent with some big rocks near the top, to make me feel at home, then a pleasant stream side walk to the road.

At MA 2 I walked half a mile to the Stop & Shop. I got my resupply food, then decided to have an early lunch, so I got some hummus and crackers. I ate them under some trees in the parking lot. Very tasty. I walked back to the trail, walked up the roadwalk, and got back into the woods. It was kind of steep up the first part of Greylock, then there was a long boring ridgewalk, then a final climb to the summit. There are tourists up there. As a thru hiker I was practically a rockstar. It started raining, then hailing while I was inside having a snack. I left once it stopped. About a quarter mile down the trail it started raining and hailing again. What fun. The weather made it a quick three miles to the shelter.There are a bunch of NOBOs here, and they're all nice.

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