Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 39, 7-27

--> Vt 4 (Rutland), 19.9 miles

I am at the Yellow Deli and Hikers Hostel in Rutland. It is run by some sort of religious group, and most of the thrus are calling it a cult. The hostel is pretty nice, and it is right by the grocery store.

I left around seven this morning and quickly got to the Lookout, a cabin on top of a hill with a platform on the roof. There was an incredible view from the top and not a cloud in the sky. At the road at the bottom of the hill was a cooler with coke and cookies left by two young girls. All they asked was that you sign their log with a fun fact about yourself. I told them what my favorite color is. All the NOBOs have been talking about a cooler full of beer at the road after that, and the promise of a cold one drew me up and down Quimby Mountain. Sadly there was nothing left when I got to the road. Last time I'll trust a NOBO. The trail was a lot more built up and busy after that road. It went by a lake, then through a state park. There were a lot of day trippers.

The trail then climbed up a hill to Maine Junction, where for SOBOs we join the Long Trail. My original plan was to stay at the shelter near there, but I decided that real food and a real bed in Rutland would be better, so I ran the last mile to the road. It wasn't too hard getting a hitch into town. The fellow who picked me up dropped be a few blocks from the Yellow Deli. I missed a turn walking over and inadvertently got a walking tour of downtown Rutland. After a shower and some dinner I am felling pretty good. I did my small reupply, and will probably walk back over to the Walmart for some Ben & Jerry's. Tomorrow I'll do a 6.3 mile day to the shelter near the top of Killington. I can then got tag the summit and get my last New England 4000 footer. It will also be the last time above 4000 feet until Virginia.

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