Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 40, 7-28

--> Cooper Lodge Shelter, 6.3 miles

The bed in tho hostel last night was very nice. I slept well. There was a free breakfast of effs, homefries, and rice. Never had rice for breakfast before. I did a WFS, panting a bunch of stuff in the room they're renovating into another bunkroom. The place is run by some religious group. A ate at the attached deli. I had a sandwich called the Yellow Submarine. I kept hoping the Beatles would come on while I was eating it. I took the bus back to the trail; it was a lot easier than hitching. The climb up here was gentle, like the rest of Vermont has been.

I got to the shelter, dropped my pack, and tagged the summit of Killington. There were tourists there. They smell weird. The shelter is filling up as it gets cooler. There are a bunch of LT end-to-end hikers here. It looks like we'll have to share the shelters with them for the next few days. One NOBO told me a couple of neat spots to camp over the next few days. I'll probably try to get to the shelters early to get a good spot. My plan is to do 13-16 mile days so that won't be a problem.


  1. Jeff- Hope the hike is going well. I see an AT crossing at MA Rt 9 in Dalton, MA, US Highway 20 east of Lee, MA and US Highway 7 south of Great Barrington, MA. I know Dalton the best. Good hiking. Best, Dave

  2. The Kay Wood Lean to is near Dalton and the Upper Goose Pond Cabin is near US Highway 20.