Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 53, 8-10

--> US 44, 14.1 miles

What a beautiful day. I left before the others had packed up, and got up Mt. Everett. There were still a lot of low clouds around the summit, so there was no view. On Mt. Race, however, the view was great. Below the summit the trail walks along a cliff for half a mile, and it was a great day to be up there. Next was Sages Ravine, and the MA-CT border. Last New England state! The ravine was pretty, but the rocks were wet and slippery.

On my way up Bear Mountain I passed a lot of day hikers and weekenders. The summit was pretty busy. There is a "tower", and a nice view. I flew down the mountain and made it to Salisbury in about two hours. I did a resupply and got some ice cream. I called the Bearded Woods hostel, and they had a free bunk. He couldn't pick me up for an hour, so I went to the library to type some blog entries up.

The hostel is really nice. Hudson did all of the interior woodwork and it is beautiful. The attention to detail is incredible. I hung out all afternoon. Four NOBOs got in later. There was a family style dinner with really good food. We sat around talking for a long time afterwards. Its way past hiker midnight, and time for bed.

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