Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 66, 8-23

--> PA 248/145, 15.7 miles

A NOBO was at the shelter last night. Its hard to believe. He said he thought he was the last on, and I believe him. He has to do 20 mile days to got to Katahdin before it closes. I packed up and hit the trail. It was flat and rocky most of the day. On the south side of Little Gap is the Superfund detour. The climb up was rocky, but then the rocks stopped and it was pleasant walking along a ridge with views of Palmerton. It was great. At the end the trail drops steeply down into Lehigh Gap. The grade and rocks reminded me of NH.

I got to the parking lot and found a comfortable rock to sit on. I watched the other people setting out to hike and read a few chapters. Eventually Aunt Priscilla and I found each other and she took me home. On the way we picked up some Indian food for dinner. I'm not sure Ailey recognized me when she got home. Taking a shower felt great.

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