Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 86, 9-12

--> Blackrock Hut, 21.4 miles

I left the shelter and had a pleasant walk to Simmons Gap where I went to the ranger station to fill up. The sun came out shortly after I got back on the trail and it got very humid. The trail bumps along until the side trail to the Loft Mountain Wayside. I walked half a mile downhill to get some food. A file further along the trail is the Loft Mountain Camp store which I visited for a soda and ice cream. Shortly after I got back on the trail I heard some thunder. I thought it would rain, but it just sprinkled. As I approached the top of Blackrock Mountain, which has great views, it started to thunder again. I decided it wouldn't be safe up on top when I could see lightning so I went down to the hut. Shortly before dark a bunch of section hikers and flip-flopper Busch showed up. They had quite an assortment of alcohol, so everyone had a good time.

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