Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 82, 9-8

--> Tom Floyd Shelter, 8.1 miles

I woke up and lay around for a while. When I got hungry I ate then sat around some more. I left at 8:15 and got to the road by 9:45. I hitched into town and resupplied at the Food Lion. I walked to the Visitors Center, and hung out there to recharge. The lady at the counter gave me a goodie bag and told me the best Mexican place in town. I walked over and had a great burrito. I sat in the VC a while to let everything digest. I stopped by the ABC store, then hitched out of town. It was uphill to the shelter. Sawyer was here, and he likes to talk. He's a LASHer. Two other guys arrived as well. Tomorrow I'll do 23 miles, and ~15 from here is a wayside where I'll get some lunch.

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