Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 71, 8-28

--> Rausch Gap Shelter, 17.5 miles

I wake up a bit later than my usual time. I was still ready to go at 7 however. But it was raining, so I waited until it stopped at 8 before leaving. It was a quick four miles to the William Penn Shelter, and I passed the 1000 mile mark. That is a long way to walk. There was a weekender at the shelter who I tried to ignore but he insisted on talking to me. I took a shorter break there. There was a nice rock seat at the abandoned power line where I ate my leftover pizza. On the way to I-81 it rained. There was a bench under the highway where I stopped for another break.I was tired all day. Transition caught up to me there, and we hiked the last 6.5 miles through scattered showers. I definitely got here faster with her following me.

Rausch Gap Shelter is a nice shelter, though there aren't a lot of nails to hang stuff on. My guess is that it was a railroad building, because there is the old track bod as the approach trail. I hope tomorrow is sunnier, being damp is no fun. I also hope the spring is running at the shelter tomorrow, or I'll be very thirsty.

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