Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 91, 9-17

--> Seely Woodworth Shelter, 14.2 miles

It was cool this morning so once I got up I got moving. I walked down to the Tye River, crossed the suspension bridge, then started up the Priest. This is a 4.3 mile, 3100' climb. It was long but not particularly tough. That seems to be the new norm, lots of switchbacks. I sat awhile at a viewpoint near the top then went down to the shelter. There was a group just leaving as I got there. They interviewed me for a few minutes then headed off. I hung out at the shelter until I started to get cold then headed out. I quickly passed the group, then went to sop rock. It was the first natural 360 degree view in quite some time. I sat around and enjoyed it for over an hour then came here. After a quick food inventory I decided to stay. I'm going to skip Buena Vista and go straight to Glasgow, which I hear is much more hiker friendly. It also looks like I'll have no problem meeting my parents at McAfee's Knob next week. The group hasn't arrived yet, but I've only been here an hour. It will be fun to watch them when they do. Hopefully they'll have extra food and shore it with me.

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