Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 75, 9-1

--> Ironmasters Mansion Hostel, 15.7 miles

Today was still very hot and humid. I was tired from yesterday, so I took my time this morning. I was also very hungry and ate an entire box of Life cereal. At the top of the hill at noon it started to rain. It down poured for a while and the trail turned into a river. I got to Pine Grove Furnace State Park around 1 and made my way to the general store. The tradition is to eat a half gallon of ice cream here, and I did. The first 1.5 quarts took me half an hour, and the last pint another half hour. It was a lot of ice cream. While it digested I went to the AT museum and looked around. It was small but nice. I then sat on the porch and waited for the hostel to open. At 5they let me in and I showered and did laundry and had dinner. The room has air conditioning, and it is the greatest. Worth every penny on these humid days. Tomorrow I'll get breakfast then head out. Its supposed to be hot and humid tomorrow , so I mad do a short day. Tuesday should be better, according to the internet.

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