Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 84, 9-10

--> Rock Spring Hut, 15.3 miles

Some mice chewed through the lid of my pack and nibbled on a granola bar I forgot I had left there. I'll have to get a sewing kit to fix it, but duck tape will work for now. Everyone in the shelter was up pretty early. Sunny Days said he had some extra denatured alcohol in his car, so I met him at the parking lot in Thornton Gap. It will be nice to have hot food this week. The trail then climbed up to Mary's Rock which had excellent views. I could see everything I just hiked over. There were also a bunch of good views from the ridge today.

I got to the Pinnacle Picnic Area at 11, but there was nobody picnicking there to try and yogi some food from. I passed over the highest point of the AT in the park on the side of Stonyman Mountain, then headed down to the hut here. There is a cabin just below the shelter with a view, but none from here. As I arrived a doe was browsing, and didn't run away as I approached. The deer in this park are fearless. Still no bear sightings yet.

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