Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 77, 9-3

--> Deer Lick Shelters, 15.8 miles

A whole bunch of birds have just flown into the area, and I've had to go sit under the shelter roof to avoid being hit by falling tree pieces. Today was a pretty easy day, and I got to the shelter shortly after 1. I spent the afternoon sitting around and reading and resting for tomorrow. I've decided to attempt the 4 state challenge. I'll leave here at midnight and try to got to somewhere in Virginia before midnight tomorrow. It will be a challenge. The birds seem to be on their way out. It is surprising how noisy they are, chirping and all taking off at once. A section hiker stopped by a while ago and gave me some extra food. I might see him again, but I'll be walking past his campsite rather early in the morning. Off to be to try and get a few hours of sleep in.

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