Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 68, 8-25

--> New Tripoli Campsite, 11.8 miles

I slept well in a real bed again last night. We had a somewhat slow morning, but the pancakes and fresh strawberries were an excellent breakfast. Aunt Priscilla made up some egg salad for lunch, then everybody got ready to go. On the way to the trail we had to find some denatured alcohol for my stove. It was surprisingly hard to find, but Home Depot had some. We got back to Lehigh Gap and were on the trail shortly after noon.

Hiking with the Gee's was a bit slower than I usually go, but it was nice. The ridgerunner was at the shelter so we said hi, then ate lunch at a campsite just beyond it. The egg salad was good for a change from peanut butter and Nutella. After hiking a bit farther the Gee's had to turn around, and I sped up. I got to the Bake Oven Knob Shelter at 4, and decided to keep going a bit. Ten miles to the next shelter was too much so I stopped after four at this campsite. Its a nice little site, bu I can hear the read. I hope the shelters are farther from the road down south. Tomorrow I have to call my grandparents so I can meet up with them. There is no signal here where I'm set up. I plan to do a bunch of miles tomorrow, so on one of the ridges there'll be a good and strong signal. The temperature seems to have cooled down some, so tonight and tomorrow will hopefully be more pleasant walking, if the rocks go away.

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