Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 76, 9-2 (Labor Day)

--> Quarry Gap Shelter, 16.9 miles

It was great to sleep in the air conditioning last night. Breakfast was two waffles and some cereal. I left around 8:30, after reading the pamphlet on how to make iron. Interesting stuff, and now I know why everything is called 'furnace' around here. A few miles from the park I passed the halfway sign. I took some pictures and wrote in the register. A bit over a mile later I passed the actual halfway point, which is unmarked and at the top of a hill. The rest of the day was fairly flat and uninteresting. This shelter is really really nice. Probably the nicest on the AT. There are hanging plants and small stones were carried in to 'pave' the front of the shelter. And the privy has a book about outhouses in it. The maintainer came up to water the plats and pick up4 trash. He is pround of his shelter, and rightly so. He said he volunteers with kids who have to do community service, and gets them to help do trail work and maintenance.

Tomorrow I'm going to probably go to a campsite 0.6 from the Maryland border, then attempt the Maryland Challenge on Wednesday. The challenge is to walk the entire state of MD in one day, about 41 miles. Or, if I'm feeling good, I'll do the 4 state challenge, starting in PA, going through MD and WV and ending in VA, about 50 miles. We'll see. I also heard that Mom got to the top of Mt. Isolation in NH and finished her 4000 footers. Congratulations!

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