Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 79, 9-5

--> Bears Den Hostel, 16.3 miles

Sleep never felt so good. Standing up was a chore this morning, one I did not enjoy. I packed up and headed out. At the first road crossing I walked .25 to a convinience store to get a few things. Thus resupplied  I headed out. I went to Bezzard Rocks which advertized a view, but it was very restricted. There was a better view a few miles dow. I went to the Blackburn AT Center for some water and a break. It seemed like a nice place. I also decided there to push on to the hostel here. I entered the Roller Coaster, described in the guide as "13.5 miles of tightly packed ascents and descents." An apt description. I also passed the NOBO 1000 mile mark.

I spent around an hour helping a section hiker understand how to read the guide. I thought it was pretty obvious. At 5 the upstairs opened and I got the thru-hiker special: bunk, shower, laundry, pizza, pint of B&J, and a soda. I put the pizza in the oven and started a wash. I ate while watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2, but the disk was scratched. Instead I watched Back to the Future with dessert. It was good to sit and do nothing. At 9 I crawled into bed and went to sleep.

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