Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 73, 8-30

--> Duncannon, PA, 11.3 miles

I got up and headed out. It was pretty foggy, and made the walk almost eerie. I took a break at the Clarks Ferry Shelter, then got to the road. There is a very long road walk over the Susquehanna River then through Duncannon. As I got the our agreed-upon meeting place, Grandma and Grandpa pulled up. What great timing. We went into Harrisburg to a nice Indian place, then to the grocery store. We ate some pie at The Doyle, then they headed home. I sat around with Chipmunk (formerly Transition) and Bag of Tricks all afternoon. Tricks likes to talk, and he had stories of all the silly things he'l done on the trail and at trail festivals. Around dinner time we went into the bar and ate and drank until they closed. It was a lot of fun. Tomorrow I should hit the end of the PA rocks, or so I'm told. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Jeff- Your progress is impressive. Thanks for posting the experiences. Good Hiking, Dave Lowrance