Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 69, 8-26

--> Windsor Furnace Shelter, 22.5 miles.

I left at 7. The trail was flat and rocky for the six miles to the Allentown shelter. It was then flat and rocky until it dropped down to Hawk Mountain Road. I had lunch at the road crossing. Ther ewas a long climb on cakcy dict roads to the next ridge. At the Pinnacle I stopped for a break. It as an overlook. A northbound hiker I passed said it was one of the best views on the trail. I was disappointed. I called my grandparents to meet up with them. The call dropped partway though, so I have to tray again tomorrow some time.

There is a small camp group here. They built a large fire and it is now uncomfortably warm noar the shelter. They say they'll keep it going all night (and they did). I hope they're quiet. Tomorrow I'm doing 30 miles (hopefully) to the 501 shelter. Pizza is delivered there.. After that it will be some 18s to get to Duncannon and meet everyone. Watch out rocks, here I come!

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