Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 90, 9-16

--> Harpers Creek Shelter, 22.0 miles

I feel like a real thru hiker again after doing some real miles. The day started with a climb up to Humpback Mountain, which didn't really have any views. I then walked along the side of a ridge because the BRP took the more scenic route from the trail. There were a few overlooks, which was nice. Shortly after I got to the top of Humpback it started to rain. There were scattered showers all morning. I stopped by the Maupin Field Shelter for a break and talked with section hiker Poet for a while. Apparently Salesman told him about the free Southern Comfort, so I shared some. He was a nice guy. I then run up Three Ridges Mountain, then down to a viewpoint. I could see The Priest which I'll climb tomorrow morning. It doesn't look too bad, I hope. No one is here, and I doubt I'll see too many people on trail until Friday.

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